When applying for a Schengen Visa in order to travel to one or more of the Schengen Zone countries there are some requirements one has to establish prior to the application. If you are planning to travel to more than one Schengen country its best if you apply in the Embassy/ Consulate of the country you will be staying at the most, regarding the residing days. Once you are issued a multiple entry visa you are able to travel to all of the Schengen Zone countries for the time permitted on the visa.

When applying for the visa you should bear in mind that you have to personally hand the required documents once you’ve made an appointment at the embassy/consulate. It is always recommendable to arrange the appointment at least 15 days prior to your departure since that is the estimated time needed for the bureaucratic process taking part in the corresponding institution.

Every Schengen country shares more or less the same requirements into issuing a visa to the needy party. However there are slim differences here and there, depending on the consulate/embassy on the required documents additional to the main identification papers and your current economic status.

A unified exemplar of the requested documents with the additional information is meticulously described and listed below:

  1. The application form must be fully completed and signed in the corresponding blanks.
  2. One photo is to be attached; the photo must have a passport format, full-face capture, and a light background. The photo must be recently taken.
  3. The passport as well as all the copies of your previous visas, valid for at least 3 months prior to your departure is required. The passport must have at least two blank pages.
  4. One must have a copy of the reservation of the return ticket for the time intended to be travelling. It is not recommendable to buy the ticket before getting the visa, if not necessary.
  5. The travel medical insurance policy is to be secured, covering any medical emergency with hospital care and travel back to ones native country due to medical motives. This health insurance policy has to cover expenses up to 30,000 euros, the sum depending on the residing days, and also it has to be valid in all Schengen countries. The health insurance policy must be purchased before picking up the visa and in your visa is refused you can cancel it!

Alert, for a minor there are a few additional documents requested by the corresponding institution stated as following:
  • The minors birth certificate
  • The application form has to be signed by both parents
  • In cases where one parent has full custody over the child, the family court order has to be attached.
  • The notarized parental authorization signed by both parents or guardians is attached if the minor is to be travelling alone.

Apart from all the aforementioned documents when applying for a Schengen visa, depending on the type of visa you are seeking there are several additional documents that need to be attached. Below you will find the information about all the additional documents needed for any type of Schengen visa separately.

Airport transit visa

  • A valid visa (if needed) for the final country one is travelling to.
  • The ticket for the final country you are travelling to.

Transit visa

  • A valid visa (if needed) for the final country one is travelling to.
  • The ticket for the final country you are travelling to.

Tourist visa (Visiting friends or relatives)

  • The current bank statement (preferably for the last 6 months)

In case one doesn’t have a bank account or doesn’t own enough funds to be taking care of their expenses during this travel, one must ask the visiting friends or relatives to sign an “official affidavit of support” at the corresponding office in his/her place of residence. Make sure you carry the original document when applying for the visa.

  • The applicant description of their trip, the purpose of travelling, the time frame and all the personal date written down in a letter.
  • In case of first time travelers, one must submit also:
    1. Income tax returns for the last three years
    2. Appointment letter
    3. Proof of legal entity of the company
  • A reference letter from the employer
  • In case the applicant is the owner of the company he/she is working for, the business registration, tax returns and the latest bank statement is to be attached.
  • The plane ticket reservation (One shall buy the ticket after getting the visa, as recommended).
  • Other documents, specified by the visa type

Visiting relatives/friends

  • If the applicant declares that he/she will be covering all the travel expenses, proof of one’s financial status is requested otherwise if the relative/friend is to cover the applicants expenses, a formal document issued by the competent authorities to a resident of a Schengen country (the friend/relative in this case) is to be submitted.
  • The formal invitation by the relative/friend residing in a Schengen country.
  • If the applicant will be covering the expenses on his/her own, the relatives/friends name, address and the copy of their passport will suffice. In case that the friend/relative is not a citizen of this Schengen country, the copy of the residency permit will also be required.

Tourist travel (no visit to any relatives/friends)

  • The applicants bank statement (preferably for the last 6 months)
  • The detailed itinerary of the traveling days in the Schengen Zone, hotel reservations or a formal invitation letter by a resident of a Schengen country.

Business travel purpose

  • A cover letter explaining the purpose of the visit to the Schengen country
  • A short profile of the applicants working place  (company/organization)
  • Memorandum and Article of Association in original certified copy (registered with joint stock companies)/ Trade License (first issued and present renewal)/ Proprietorship/Partnership documents.
  • Current bank statements
  • A letter from ones employer meticulously describing the purpose of the travel as well as the itinerary of the days spend within the Schengen zone.
  • The invitation letter from the partner company in the Schengen zone, faxed also to the corresponding consulate. This letter has to appear as an invitation to attend meetings or other relevant events matching trade, industry or work.
  • Regarding the applicants expenses, it must be stated either in the employer’s letter or the partner company’s invitation that one of both parties will be covering the applicants travel expenses during his/her stay in the Schengen Zone.
  • Hotel and plane ticket reservations
  • If there were previous trade relations between the two companies proof of such an event.

Travelling for training purposes

  •  A certificate of enrollment at a eligible institute for the courses one will be attending in the Schengen country.

Other travel purposes/Short term (Trips for an event of any reasonable nature)

  • The letter of invitation for the applicant
  • The entry ticket (if any)
  • In case of enrolling into a program, the meticulous description of the applicants residence in the Schengen zone, an itinerary.  Also a document that proves the purpose of this travel.

Travelling for the purpose of studying

  • For starters, two application forms are to be filled.
  • The letter of acceptance in a Schengen country University/College/School
  • Proof that one is able to reside and financially maintain him/herself during their stay in the Schengen zone.

Travelling for the purpose of employment

  • Again, two application forms must be filled
  • The employment contract between the applicant and the future employer residing in the Schengen territory.

Travelling for the purpose of permanently residing in the Schengen country due to a Schengen spouse

  • Two application forms must be filled as required.
  • The original certified copy of the marital certificate.
  • The copy of the spouse’s passport if a Schengen country citizen. If the spouse is not a Schengen country citizen but only lives in a Schengen country the copy of his/her residency permit is to be submitted as well.